Kiwi Fruit or Kiwifruit?

When searching the internet you may come across two distinct spellings for this nutritious and delicious fruit – Kiwi Fruit or Kiwifruit. You might be wondering which of these spellings is correct.

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with either spelling, but “kiwifruit” has become the preferred spelling for most growers and vendors. Whether you prefer to spell it kiwi fruit or kiwifruit, you will still enjoy the sweet and succulent flavors of these versatile fruits.

A Brief History of Kiwifruit

The spelling of kiwifruit as one word was popularized in New Zealand. This makes sense when you consider that had the common spelling of “kiwi fruit” been adopted it could have caused considerable confusion.

This is because New Zealand is home to a bird named the Kiwi, which is also an affectionate nickname for people from New Zealand. If one were to call it a “Kiwi fruit” it could be misconstrued as having something to do with the bird or a native New Zealander. One might even think that a “Kiwi fruit” was the egg of the flightless kiwi bird!

It is likely the spelling “kiwifruit” was derived in New Zealand to avoid this confusion, and distinguish golden and green kiwifruit from any other entities with similar names.

When describing the people of New Zealand the word Kiwi is capitalized and the plural of this word-form is “Kiwis.” When using the word to describe the kiwi bird the k is not capitalized, and it remains “kiwi” when pluralized. Read more…