The Best Choice for Size, Nutrition and Variety

colage_retailersConsistently bigger, tastier and better when it comes to kiwifruit, consistently makes a world of difference. Every New Zealand kiwifruit grower is committed to delivering fruit that is delicious in taste and flawless in appearance. Everyone wins. Consumers have a wonderful eating experience and come back for more of your kiwifruit. And you benefit from increased sales and better category performance.

While Zespri® Kiwifruit has always been a winner, the inclusion of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit can increase your kiwifruit category sales even more. Research has shown:

  • You will realize an average of 11% category sales increase by merchandising Zespri SunGold and Green Kiwifruit together.
  • By positioning a summer fruit color break between Zespri SunGold and Green Kiwifruit , you will see a 60% sales increase.
  • By supporting the category with demos, promotions and signage, you will see as much as a 253% jump in sales volume. The increase can last several weeks following the promotion.
  • Think big. Bulk retail displays out perform basket and tray merchandising by more than a 4:1 ratio.
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Higher Profits Ripe for the Picking

We have lots of ideas about increasing your kiwifruit sales:

Or contact your Zespri representative to create a custom campaign that fits you!

Remember that  and Zespri SunGold and Green Kiwifruit ripen at different rates and therefore need to be stored and handled differently.