Cocktail Buzz

The Buzz about Kiwifruit

Leading bar chefs, mixologists and drink aficionados are hand-selecting the unexpected ingredient to shake, muddle and mix into their hottest cocktails.

We challenged six world-renowned bar chefs to come up with some sensational new cocktails, and their concoctions look and taste sublime! Tangy sweet Green and tropical sweet SunGold Zespri® Kiwifruit add signature flavor to cocktails.

Try one of our new recipes, created by master chefs and mixologists, or create your own unique drink using the quick tips below. Kiwifruit gives you license to play.

Kiwifruit Take Cocktails from Ordinary to Extraordinary


Here are easy-to-follow suggestions to help you create drinks that are out of the world.

  • Whenever possible, use fresh fruit in your drinks.

    Download a Mixology Wheel to Make Your Drinks More Exciting!

    Avoid bar mixes and artificial substitutes or concentrates. Cut and scoop kiwifruit into a blender with your other ingredients and liquors. Do not over-blend, as crushed kiwifruit seeds can lend a bitter flavor.

  • Make your drinks look as good as they taste.
    Top cocktails with a slice of fresh fruit or a candied kiwifruit chip. Garnish with a single element of the drink to make for an appealing, refreshing drink.
  • Explore drinks with all your senses.
    Taste everything. How can you craft a great drink if you haven’t tasted all the ingredients? Use Zespri® Green Kiwifruit for a tangy, refreshing accent, and Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit for a tropical twist. Select ripe kiwifruit that feel slightly soft to the touch, like a ripe peach or avocado. Avoid kiwis that are too soft or that have wrinkled skin.
  • Think seasonally.
    Use fruits that are fresh, ripe and in season. Celebrate Zespri® Kiwifruit and the first local strawberries in June, the first blueberries or raspberries in July and figs in August. Zespri® Kiwifruit is in season May through November.
  • It’s about the journey – not the destination.
    Always enjoy cocktails responsibly. Kiwifruit cocktails also adapt easily into delicious “mocktails” too.

Download a Mixology Wheel to Make Your Drinks More Exciting!