About Zespri

The Zespri Difference

You may not always think about a specific brand when it comes to buying kiwifruit, but once you get to know Zespri, you’ll always look for the label. The reason behind Zespri’s superior eating experience is our comprehensive quality system.

Careful orchard selection

Kiwifruit grows best in a sunny climate, with enough rainfall and not too much wind. Above all, there must be no risk of frost while they are growing. And the soil should be fertile, slightly acidic and moist. Zespri selects the location of its orchards carefully, so that the fruit can grow well without too much artificial support.

Meticulous orchard management

Zespri kiwifruit farmers give their fruit the space it needs. The kiwifruit plants are planted in rows and tied up along pergolas. Vines form a canopy over the pergola and the fruit hangs down. Since the vines grow vigorously, they are pruned regularly to ensure they have enough light and air. This is a natural way of avoiding numerous diseases and fungi.

Kiwifruit Growers

Bringing you superior quality and full-flavored kiwifruit, starts with our growers. As the most experienced and longest-serving kiwifruit industry, Zespri growers will proudly affirm that producing high quality kiwifruit requires a number of key ingredients: Good Orchard Management, Experience and Passion.

Meet Our Growers

Zespri is cultivated like a fine wine. Good orchard management is key to ensuring the fruit meets Zespri’s taste and quality standards. Zespri is a grower-owned company and all Zespri growers are held to the same orchard management standards.

Meet a few of our growers and learn more about their experience and passion for growing the world’s best tasting kiwifruit.

    • Dennis and
      Debbie Robinson

    • Terry and
      Mary Richards

    • Jeff and
      Shirley Roderick

    • Dave and
      Julie Smith

    • Allen and
      Viv Geck

Sustainability, The
Zespri Way

Sustainability is a passion – it’s about leaving our property in better condition for the future generations, including our children and grandchildren.

Graham Dyer

Zespri Kiwifruit Grower
BayPark Orchard Tauranga, New Zealand

Zespri is committed to growing a better, healthier future. Zespri works with leading research institutes and partners to understand and improve our environmental position. A cross-functional team spanning our industry assesses the feasibility of new sustainability initiatives and supports their implementation.