Appetizers & Salad Recipes

A perfect meal begins with the starters — the appetizers and salads that come before the main course. They are like the delightful prelude in a best-selling novel, or the opening scene to a Hollywood blockbuster. The starter sets the mood for the entire dinner.

Sauces. Dressings. Salsas. They may look — and taste — impressive, but not to worry. These kiwi-infused appetizers are quick to prepare and easy to whip up. Slice kiwifruit and prosciutto when you need quick finger food. Create a kiwifruit champagne vinaigrette in mere minutes to drizzle on wild greens. You won’t take a lot of time or effort making these kiwi appetizers — they’ll just look like you did.

Appetizers give us an opportunity to show off a bit. And this comes in handy when you’re trying to come up with the perfect party tray for your next holiday dinner. But salads, on the other hand, allow us to sneak that extra bit of nutrition into a meal that might otherwise be loaded with carbs and sugary dressings.

Whether you’re looking for a great starter recipe for your meal or you want to take your salad game to the next level, we have the perfect kiwi recipes. All of these appetizer and salad recipes are easy to make, and chock full of nutrients, thanks to Zespri Kiwifruit.

Have leftovers? Meal prepping for the entire week? Great! All of these recipes can be refrigerated. And they taste just as good the second day!

We’re constantly adding more Zespri Kiwifruit appetizers and salads. Check back here frequently. Have a favorite or a suggestion? Let us know!

Appetizers We Recommend:

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