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Sooner or later, it hits all of us: a craving for something sweet. When it does, reach for Zespri Kiwifruit to satisfy that craving! Certainly, a little indulgence here and there couldn’t hurt. But when you’re looking dessert recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth while still providing healthful vitality, there’s no better option than kiwi.

Especially Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit.

The sweet, tropical flavor of SunGold is a natural, low-calorie replacement for sugary snacks. And its texture makes it the ideal ingredient to many dessert recipes. You’ll be surprised at just how delicious a kiwifruit dessert can be!

Pureed and spoon it into sorbets. Peel, slice and mixed with dark chocolates. Let’s face it: we all love desserts. Here are some dessert recipes even the most discerning sweet tooth will love.

Most fruits contain simple sugars that might raise blood sugar dramatically — but not kiwifruit. The high fiber content of Zespri Kiwifruit slows the uptake of sugar during digestion. And with a low Glycemic Index, 39.2 for Green and 38 for SunGold, Zespri Kiwifruit are great for anyone watching their blood sugar levels.

Dessert Recipes We Recommend

Check out all our kiwi desserts below for yourself. Let us know which is your new favorite!

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Cut. Scoop. Enjoy!

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