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We all know the drill: getting our kids to eat healthy can be a chore. That’s because, for children, healthy food means boring or “yucky” food. That’s where Zespri Kiwifruit comes in!

With these kiwi-inspired kids recipes, you can bring new layers of excitement to your kid’s next meal. Your child will get more vitamin C, potassium, fiber and antioxidants. Even better, they’ll also get Zespri’s superior taste fueled by the Zespri System.

Watching your child’s sugar intake? You’re in luck! Zespri Green has a GI of 39 and SunGold has a GI of 38. So you can make flavorful smoothies, delicious sorbets, and rich parfaits without worrying about a sugar crash.

But more than that, Zespri Green and SunGold kiwifruit are fun! They make exciting and delicious additions to many recipes, like turning plain chicken fingers into a vitamin-enriched flavorful surprise.

No fats. No sodium. No cholesterol. Just the vital nutrients to promote growth. They’ll have more of the fuel they need to grow, to play, to learn — to thrive.

In other words, Zespri Kiwifruit can help your kids get the energy they need to be kids. So be inspired to bring that healthy zest to your next meal with our kiwi kids recipes. Make Zespri Kiwifruit an amazing and healthy addition to your kids’ day.

Kids Recipes To Try First:

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