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Ginger Prawns with SunGold Kiwifruit


  • 2 lbs (1 kg) raw prawns
  • 1/2 cup pickled ginger, drained
  • 2 Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit


  1. Prepare the prawns. If frozen, thaw slowly in the refrigerator. Twist off the heads and peel, leaving the small piece on the tail intact. Slit down the back of each one with a sharp knife and extract the vein running down the length. Rinse the prawns and pat dry with a paper towel.
  2. Cook the prawns, either by steaming them over simmering water, or, sautéing them in an oiled pan. When cool, cut the prawns part way through on the underside to form a cavity in each one.
  3. Chop the ginger and place in a small bowl. Peel and finely dice the Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit and mix with the ginger.
  4. Fill the prawns with the kiwifruit-ginger mix. Serve immediately.


Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Makes: 4-8 servings

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