Lift Me Up! 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Kiwifruit

Lift Me Up! 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Kiwifruit

Work schedule. School schedule. Play schedule. These days, everyone has a busy schedule. And whether you’re a working mom or a college student, busybodies need plenty of energy to get through the day.

Fortunately, you have Zespri Kiwifruit on your side!

Because of the high concentration of vitamins and minerals, Zespri Kiwifruit is considered a superfood. And for those of us always on the go, two nutrients in particular deliver exceptional energy benefits: vitamin C and potassium.

Vitamin C enhances energy metabolism and reduces fatigue. A serving of SunGold Kiwifruit, about two kiwifruit (162g), has nearly four times the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C per serving.

Potassium helps our bodies release energy to exercise and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance. And a serving of Zespri Kiwifruit has about as much potassium as a medium banana.

So here are five ways to easily incorporate kiwifruit into your daily routine and get that much needed boost of energy!

Couple on tandem bike, boosting energy with kiwifruit

Stay Active with Two Kiwis a Day

One thing certain to help boost your energy levels: be sure to stay active. Take brisk walks when you can. Enjoy more of your neighborhood and local parks. For that, you’ll need plenty of energy. That’s where vitamin C and potassium comes in.

But the body cannot create vitamin C or potassium. So you’ll have to get these life-giving nutrients from food. That’s why it’s important to eat high-energy foods, like fruits and vegetables. Thankfully, Zespri Kiwifruit is jam-packed with vitamin C and potassium.

Simply eat a serving of kiwifruit every day. That’s about two kiwifruit — about 148g for Green Kiwifruit or nearly 168g for SunGold. That’s one serving of delicious! This will guarantee that your vitamin C and potassium levels are where they need to be for better mood and optimal energy.

Just cut, scoop and enjoy! Using this method, you can literally enjoy your Zespri® Kiwifruit anywhere — anytime. Or follow any one of the many tasty recipes to get your daily serving.

(We recommend trying our Bacon Lettuce and Kiwifruit Sandwiches. It’s quick, simple — divine!)

Bacon Lettuce Kiwifruit sandwich, perfect for boosting energy when you need it most

Start with Breakfast

In Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, we talked about the importance of starting the day with healthy habits.

[T]he foundation for a long, happy life lies in enjoyable habits — including starting off your day with a healthy breakfast.

Give yourself — and your family — a great head start to tackle the day. The best way to do that is by serving a nutrient-rich breakfast.

This could be our SunGold Kiwifruit Breakfast Power Bowls. Or something even simpler to make, like sliced SunGold Kiwifruit toast. Getting the daily recommended daily values of vitamin C and potassium is easy — just add Zespri!

Kiwifruit Breakfast Toast, a great boosted start to your day

The Mid-Day Power Boost

Eating kiwifruit for breakfast can also help you avoid the midday slump and help regulate your blood sugar levels. You can enjoy the sweetness of Zespri Kiwifruit without the sugar crash that accompanies most lunchtime meals.

Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold both have a low glycaemic index (39 for Zespri Green and 38 for Zespri SunGold). This means that glucose is less rapidly taken up by the body and is released into the bloodstream more slowly.

This makes kiwifruit the perfect way to boost afternoon energy levels and help you power through the rest of your day.

Try our Potassium Power Smoothie, which combines bananas, coconuts, and two Zespri SunGold kiwifruit give you the perfect blend of potassium, fiber, folate, and energy-giving vitamin C. And all without weighing you down!

Satisfy Sugar Cravings with Kiwi

Looking to indulge your sweet tooth? You’re in luck! Zespri SunGold tastes refreshingly sweet with a hint of the tropics. It can satisfy the sweetness you want without adding the calories you don’t. A serving size of SunGold has about 110 calories — that’s less than the calories in an equal serving of bananas.

Try the SunGold Sorbet with Mango, Kiwifruit, and Pineapple. It’s a creamy dessert that contains no added sugar, just three ingredients — and they’re all in the name!

For more on Kiwifruit Sorbet, check out this article! But take a look at all of our great kiwi dessert recipes. You’ll find plenty there that can be whipped up quickly and easily whenever the sugar cravings hit.

Sungold Sorbet with Mango, the perfect energy booster

End the Day with Kiwi for Better Sleep

Zespri SunGold cut in half with spoon for your daily energy boostAs busy as we are, one thing is certain: we all need proper sleep. Getting the right amount of rest can make a huge difference in the amount of energy we have for the next day. Fortunately, kiwifruit can help with that too!

The same kiwifruit qualities that provide so many other health benefits can also help improve your sleep. Beyond its strength as an antioxidant, kiwifruit also contains serotonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that has digestive and cardiovascular functions, assists in learning and memory, and helps regulate appetite and mood. But your serotonin levels also help to initiate sleep and maintain sleep during the night.

And better sleep tonight gets us ready for a busy day tomorrow!

So when you need a midnight snack, reach for a kiwifruit.

Woman waking up, well rested, thanks to kiwifruit

* * *

It goes without saying: If you want vitality, you need a proper balance of nutrients. And Zespri Kiwifruit can give you all that and more. Vitamin C. Folate. Potassium. Insoluble and soluble fiber. And with the five tips we’ve given, you can stay alert, stay focused, and stay energized!

Do you have any tips for keeping your energy levels high? Sound off on social media. DOn’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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